We are a studio building top notch conversational experiences for voice assistants.

We focus on Skills for Amazon Alexa.


The future is voice

  • $40 billion

    Expected revenue from voice-based shopping in 2022.
  • 75%

    Estimated smart speaker household penetration rate in the US by 2025.
  • 55%

    Current percentage of teenagers using voice search on a daily basis.

Smart home, news, shopping, entertainment, hospitality, marketing. These are only few of the domains where the impact of voice technology is already tangible and getting stronger and stronger.

We are at the beginning of a new technological era and Amazon is emerging as the platform leader. In addition to the millions of Echo devices sold, Amazon has created a huge ecosystem of third-party manufacturers building products able to connect with Alexa or directly integrating its AI.

Chances are that the next car you buy will have Alexa built-in as your personal assistant. You’ll pay for gas or EV charging through Alexa. Then, while walking down the street, you’ll be able to converse with Alexa through your headphones.

Amazon wants Alexa to be ubiquitous in the life of its customers - whenever and wherever they may be - and it’s making it happen.

alexa-the-verge Illustration by Alex Castro - Read full article on The Verge

What is a skill for Amazon Alexa?

Alexa is designed to respond to a number of different commands and user queries. It comes with a set of built-in capabilities: playing the radio, providing answers to general knowledge questions, pulling up the weather, setting timers, creating smart home routines, and so on.

Skills are for Alexa what mobile apps are for smartphones. They are applications made by third-party developers that allow users to access additional functions. Like mobile apps, Alexa Skills can be of any type: games, news, entertainment, smart home control, information…You name it.

We help companies establish their presence on Alexa

We support our partners in all the stages of the voice product development, leading to the release of Alexa Skills.

  • Voice strategy
  • Ideation and prototyping
  • Voice User Interface design
  • Alexa Skill development
  • Skill certification & go-live
  • Support & upgrade

Whether you already have your idea in mind and need help with the development, or you're just discovering what an Alexa Skill is, we can support your business to build a solid presence on the major voice platform.

We also create and publish our own skills for Alexa

We feel confident to support companies to build their Alexa Skills because we tried - and still do it - on our own skin.

We prototype, we code, we make mistakes, we fix, we get better at voice design and development every single day.

All of that helped us creating some of the most successful Skills available on the Italian Alexa Store. We are currently launching them in other countries and working on the development of new Skills.

Magic Word

Magic Word is one the most popular games on the Alexa Store. You've got five words, will you be able to find the magic word that connects to each one of them?

Team Builder

Are you a 4-people family and want to split into two couples for a card game? Are you 12 friends willing to set up 4 teams for a board game? Team Builder helps you setting up teams for any activity without fighting!

Top Bin

Who knows more about football? Top Bin is the ultimate football trivia quiz. Every day you face another Alexa user in an exciting challenge.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming allows you to play your favorite Twitch channels directly on your Echo devices.

Make your voice heard!

Amazon just celebrated reaching 100.000 Alexa Skills available globally. It may seem a lot, but we’re still at the beginning of a new era. By way of comparison, think that the grand total of mobile apps available on the Google Play Store is close to 4 million.

If you got too late to the mobile game, now it’s your chance to be early at the voice party.

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